Igniting Growth Through Adaptive Strategy

Sapta is on a mission to empower the C-suite with the tools and insights needed to quickly and confidently adapt their strategies, optimize resource allocation, and foster innovation to achieve transformational growth.

Sapta Team Photo on Zoom

Our Values


We are trusted leaders in providing the tools and resources for adaptive strategy. Our customers trust our technology to keep their data secure.


The key to our success is collaboration. We co-create solutions with customers, empower startups, and leverage cloud hyperscalers for rapid innovation. We support one another as a Sapta team.


We are disruptors. We are not afraid to question conventional thinking and experiment with new ideas to drive our technology forward and provide a leading-edge adaptive strategy platform.


We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. We strive to create a culture where everyone feels welcome, supported, and empowered to contribute their unique talents and ideas.

Our Story

A cover of InsightSuccess magazine featuring Vimi RaoHaving spent many years working at multi-national companies of all sizes, and on many impactful global initiatives, Sapta’s founder, Vimi Rao, experienced first-hand the challenges that are commonly faced when leading cross-organizational strategic initiatives. These challenges included misalignment among leadership teams, unclear key performance indicators, ineffective or absent processes for gathering employee feedback and ideas, and a lack of visibility into how strategic changes impacted resource allocation. Consequently, executives struggled to make informed decisions due to a lack of accurate and inclusive real-time data.  

Research by the Harvard Business School, Gartner, and E&Y, supports Vimi’s real-world experiences:

• Only 10% of organizations successfully execute strategic planning

• Only 13-16% of organizations are highly effective at re-prioritizing work and investment to respond to change

• 4 out of 5 CFOs say their capital allocation process needs to be improved with better access to data 

In 2020, Sapta was conceived as a cloud platform aimed at empowering leadership teams, fostering a growth mindset, engaging the workforce, and democratizing innovation. With integrated modules that unify open innovation, strategic portfolio management, and capital allocation, Sapta is transforming decision-making and helping executives lead change with confidence.

Sapta Kangaroo from the logo

What does the kangaroo in the Sapta logo symbolize?

Kangaroos are renowned for their alertness, agility, and adaptability, all qualities found in adaptive strategy. Additionally, the kangaroo holds personal significance for Vimi Rao, reflecting her ties to Australia. 

Meet The Team

Vimi Rao Headshot

Vimi Rao

Founder and CEO

Devan Pala headshot

Devan Pala

Head of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Megan Cai headshot

Megan Cai

Head of Customer Success

Jill Unikel Headshot

Jill Unikel

Head of Product Management

Kathryn Bowen headshot

Kathryn Bowen

Head of Marketing

Murali Kashaboina headshot

Murali Kashaboina

CTO (Advisor)

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